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TBT - Cake Pop Adventures


Like so many others, I’ve been drawn to the enticing call of the cake pop. Every event magazine, website and blog features these eye-appealing nuggets with more and more regularity. From Starbucks to at-home celebrations, these treats are showing up everywhere!

Invited to a Super Bowl party and tasked to bring a dessert…I felt this was the time to explore this experiment. Intrigued, I armed myself with what seemed to be the most agreed-upon recipe online for these delicious morsels.

I watched, read and studied all the tips, recipes, and videos that seemed credible. Off I went on my endeavor to make a suitable treat for my Super Bowl friends. I decided that a football shaped pop would do the trick for this party.

Deciding to do a special shape as my first cake pop project may have been a mistake. The shape of the football was not as easy to make as I had thought it would be. I also felt that I was handling the cake blend too much. After some experimenting with the cake-to-icing ratio, and some extra refrigeration time for the dough, I finally got a consistency that was firm enough to shape and attach to a lollipop stick without crumbling. Still, my footballs were not terribly attractive! Oh well! Undaunted, I continued to the next step of coating the cake in chocolate.

I was fortunate to have melted my chocolate coating in a deep enough dish to easily accommodate my football shaped cake. The coating went on nicely, but it’s a time consuming drippy bit of a mess. Ahead of time I had made laces for the footballs on wax paper with white chocolate coating. Before the chocolate hardened, I added the laces to the balls. I stood the pops up on a styrofoam board and sent the rumpled, somewhat misshapen pops off to the refrigerator for a few hours.

The big test was yet to come. You may be able to get off with an amateurish looking cake pop, but you’re not going to get away with a cake pop that doesn’t taste good! Off to the refrigerator I went to retrieve my test pop. Inexplicably, the pops looked so much better! Somehow the refrigeration process seemed to firm up, or at least appear to somehow firm up my previously sad looking footballs. Make no mistake, these still didn’t look like the artistry I’ve seen from the incredibly talented bakers out there.. .but they looked pretty good. Still, did they taste good? I handed my test pop off to my trusty, brutally honest taster. It got rave reviews. The cakes were delicious. I bagged and decorated the pops with our Big Game Ribbon and put them together into a centerpiece presentation for my party and went off to the next butterfly themed project.

The second round went much better than the first. The round balls were so much easier to make then the football shapes. The lessons I learned from first batch made the second round go much more easily. For this batch I used a white coating and the only real difference here was that I had to be careful to be sure that there were no loose crumbs on the surface before I dipped them to keep the white chocolate pristine. I added confetti and sugar butterflies to these pops and I needed to move a bit more quickly with these decorations to insure that I had them adhered before the coating hardened.

After my second attempt at cake pops, I was fairly pleased.We adorned them with a custom favor ribbon and arranged them like a floral bouquet in a tea cup. They’d be a lovely centerpiece for a shower.

Both style of pops were well received. The Super Bowl party attendees loved them and ate every single one of them. The butterfly pops were quickly devoured after the photo shoot was done. My take away from this experience is that if you’re doing a dessert for a family gathering, allow plenty of time and take a stab at cake pops. If you’re planning to serve cake pops to your wedding guests, hire a pro! Unless you’re a great baker with lots of refrigerator space.

Now I’m off to try pie on a stick. Anyone have a good recipe for those?

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