Beach Glass Candy Wedding Favor

Beach glass candy wedding favors are a sweet treat at a beach wedding! When paired with a real seashell, the hard candy looks almost exactly like real beach glass. For this favor, we’ve nestled beach glass candy in a seashell and wrapped it in tulle

Grand Opening Ribbon Sets

Celebrate your Grand Opening with this beautiful ribbon cutting ceremony set.  Available only in our Etsy Shop, we've created this set to provide a regal treatment for your very special grand opening.  Made with our 4" light-weight, ea

Home Made Love - Canning your own favors

homemade salsa wedding favors, decorated with our 5/8" Personalized Ribbon for Favors in hunter with silver imprintOnce thought to be a dying art, home canning is gaining popularity again, especially with green-thumbed or culinarily inclined brides.

Narrow Thank You Ribbon on Bath Bomb Favor

Because we simply love Lush Bath Bombs, we've made yet another favor that we adore as a Bridal Shower guest favor.  We found this Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb at our local Lush store.  The heart shape bomb is embedded with rose buds and rose petal

Tea Infuser Shower Favor

Are you celebrating a special occasion with a tea party?  This tea infuser paired with a tin of your favorite tea is an appreciated memento for your party guests. We decorated this infuser with our Teapot Favor Ribbon. The ribbon has a cute te