Our personalized ribbons come in two very different formats: favor ribbon and custom ribbon by the yard. If you’re not familiar with the differences, they can be confusing. But, once you understand how each style works, you’ll be able to choose ribbon with confidence!

So, what's the difference between favor ribbon and ribbon by the yard?


royal blue wedding favor ribbon

Favor ribbon is printed at a fixed length, with text on the right and left ends of the ribbon. It's designed for tying into a two-loop bow around a small object, like a wedding or party favor — that's why we call it favor ribbon! Favor ribbons are shipped uncut on a spool and come with simple cutting instructions. You'll need to follow the cutting instructions carefully to ensure that you're cutting the ribbon in the right place.

Favor ribbon is not a the right choice for wrapping very large favors or gift packages, and you can't use it to make large bows. For that, you'll need custom ribbon by the yard.


large truffle box wrapped with custom ribbon by the yard

Custom ribbon by the yard is the right choice if your favor is large, you're wrapping gifts, or you're making multi-loop bows. This style of ribbon is continuously printed with a repeating pattern of your personalization, with a few inches of space between each impression. The ribbon is shipped uncut on a roll. You can cut continuous-printed ribbon to any length to suit your project, and there's no "wrong" place to cut it.