We’ve put together a guide on how to make a bow for gift packaging.  We’re using a single-face ribbon to make our bow.  Single-face ribbon has an obvious top side and bottom side.  It’s shiny on one side and taffeta on the other.  We want to be sure that the taffeta side is not making the outermost part of our ribbon’s loop.


how to tie a gift bow


To start, we’re making a small tail for our bow.  The shiny side is up on the tail, and to ensure that the shiny side will remain showing on our loops, we are twisting the ribbon slightly to position the shiny side out.  The ribbon will need continued twisting as shown to keep the loops shiny side up.  Twist the ribbon and cross over to the other side of your bow to form your next loop.  Continue twisting and making loops until you’ve made the number of loops you want your bow to have.  You will need to keep a firm pinching hold on the cross point of the loops.  You’ll be tying your bow off at this location, and you want to try to prevent the ribbon from slipping out of place.  When you’ve made an even number of loops on both sides of the bow, you’ll want to finish off your bow.  You will need to make a small center loop to cover whatever you use to tie your bow together.  Slip a florist wire or a piece of cut ribbon through this loop to securely tie your loops in place at the point where you are pinching the bow together.  To make a larger bow, you can adjust your loop size.  Fuller bows can be made by adding more loops and filling loops in toward the center of the bow.  Practice a few times and you’ll soon be an expert!